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lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

·Nadandolibre· Lexie Kelly · Awaiting the arrival of a record in the Cayman Islands for hundreds of possible answers ..

Some days ago, we lived a historical adventure where Penny Palfrey, one of the best swimmers in the world of open water marathon, set a new world record in the Cayman Islands.
This story has been an unprecedented global event, now in Nadandolibre stories, poetry and great adventures in open water, I have the opportunity to tell this great story told by Lexie Kely, the woman who waited for Penny to the goal of his great adventure.
She has been the swim coordinator for the Flowers Sea Swim and the historic Bridging the Cayman Islands, she is having, with Steven Munatones, a world record in the same waters where swam Penny Palfrey. Also Lexie collaborates with OWS in the collection of information and multimedia content for the community of open water swimming.

Here is her story…

It was definitely an amazing experience to be there just as Penny Palfrey culminating ended this great record of 108 km in the Cayman Islands. Penny came to the end and I was there, waiting, excited and frightened, thinking of all the things that could happen at that time and Steven had prepared me.
He informed me at the many things that could happen when Penny arrived at the goal, things went flashing in my mind, I was ready for anything, she falter in the sand, that was unable to hold his head, possible fainting, shock and so on, all that might happen after swimming 108 km.
I spent much time imagining how Penny could be swimming all the time? That was awesome; I was exhausted trying to stay awake to inform everyone with messages through twitter, facebook, liveswim… But I can still remember her arrival; she looked at me searching for a familiar face on the beach. I was amazed as Penny stood there like "well, I'm here, I did, now what?" I was afraid to see how they look so different from being in the water so long, seeing her eyes as she could remember only a few hours ago she was so changed.
The next day Penny told me that I seemed to have been terrified, and told her that it was! Was crazy with so many people around, the media, medical personnel, spectators, members of the crew, and especially the fact that they go through my head all the things that Steven said it could be me. They made me aware of what might happen after putting the body to the limit by an extreme adventure. I was afraid to think about while waiting on the beach.
I was shocked when she stood there nonchalant. Physically, she was different, tired, and obviously she pushed her body to the absolute limit, however she was so strong and as collected/focused as someone can be after putting their body through so much. It was the most incredible experience to be there at that very moment.
It would have been awesome to see the whole thing from the boat, but being there right when she landed was something I will never forget. Penny is amazing; I am thrilled to get to have been involved in such a historic event.

· Jose Diaz ·

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