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jueves, 21 de abril de 2011

· Nadandolibre · Steven Muñatones • Open Water • The knowledge is here ·

Steven Munatones is an essentials name to understand the history of open water swimming. He is considered the world's greatest exponent of quality information from the discipline of open water of all time and in the opinion of many world-class swimmers, coaches, organizers and amateur swimmers, is regarded as a revolutionary information dissemination on swimming every day in all oceans, seas, rivers, swamps and beaches anywhere in the world.

He is organizing and raising the rebirth of an extensive culture of swimmingin open water, a genre that is growing thanks to the regular effort of continuous information and an exemplary work.

His articles are funny, exciting and completely interesting, they are filled with great adventure essence, in which Steven perfectly combines the classic tradition of open water swimming and the most sophisticated advances in computer technology now used as carriers for pilots, ships and open water swimmers.

His figure is transcending all borders in the world of open water, samples of his art and passion for what he does remain engraved in people who follow him around the world.

Steven Munatones is writing the pages of history on this magnificent worldof open water around the planet.

After the success of his Diary of open water world his latest venture is in Open Water Source, an information infrastructure for the sport of open water where to find objective and factual information about the files on the history of open water, records, technologies and personalities tell their fascinating feats Wednesday Open Water program.

Steven in this world of Open Source Water shares the events that occurred throughout history and in the immediate present more great stories with the greatest swimmers in the worldwide community.

No doubt this great work is promoting the creation of a legend around himself and his work that is spreading rapidly around the world.

Jose Díaz ·Nadandolibre · Steven Munatones ·

You can read the full interview here.

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