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sábado, 4 de junio de 2011

Steven Muñatones ·Open Water Swimming in Japan · Marathon of swimming in Lake Biwa 1989·

LAKE BIWA (1989)

Lake Biwa Marathon Swim (42 km in 10 hr. 36 min)

Jose Diaz · This freshwater lake is the largest lake in Japan, its maximum length is 63 km and its maximum width is 22.8 km. 

You realized back and forth across on this great Japanese lake. What were their points of reference for the start and finish? Which was the target set?

Steven · I swam from two very well-known points in the lake Nagahama Beach a Biwako Ohashi .  The lake is famous in Japan .  I swam between these two points – from the north to the south – which was exactly 42 kilometers.  Therefore, I called the swim, the Lake Biwa Marathon Swim.

Jose Diaz · What temperature swim in this lake?

Steven · During the summer, it is quite comfortable at 22°C.  However, the night before my swim, there was a thunderstorm which made the lake rough – I liked this challenge. 

Jose Diaz ·What is the hardest point of the marathon of swimming?

Steven · Nothing really.  I was in good shape and I felt strong the whole way. 

Jose Diaz · What kind of fish could be seen in the lake? Any dangerous animal?

Steven · There were lots of small fish and beautiful rock formations near the shore, especially near the islands in the lake.  There were no dangerous marine life.

Jose Diaz · What did you like most aquatic of this great adventure?

Steven ·  It was the first major marathon swim that I did in Japan and I met a lot of nice people along the way.

Jose Diaz ·  Can you describe a story mode as they did all that water adventure?

Steven · At the time, I was making many speeches in Japan about the need and desirability to challenge oneself, whether it is at work, school or in one’s community.  So this swim which had never been done before, was a great promotion for the message of challenging oneself to become better and reach one’s full potential.

Jose Diaz ·  What basic tips would you give to future swimmers who want to make this marathon swim in the Lake Biwa?

Steven · Attempt your swim in summer and ask me for my advice.  The local community was extremely supportive of the 42K swim.  The swim was televised nationally on NHK-TV (similar to the BBC).  The Japanese people greatly appreciate endurance, dedication and achievement of one’s goals.

· Jose Diaz ·


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