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miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2012

A wonderful adventure Nadandolibre on facebook, live with Jamie Patrick and his great adventure in the Strait of Gibraltar ·

Find out from the passion, the world of swimming in open water.

A wonderful adventure Nadandolibre on facebook, Live with Jamie Patrick and His great adventure in the Strait of Gibraltar ·
It's that wonderful open water swim in Spanish;
Jose Diaz Interview with Jamie Patrick, the winner of the awardsWOWSA 2011, Awarded the accolade of man of the year.
A Few days Patrick swimming ago the Strait of Gibraltar.
And in an interview unprecedented in social networks, Jamie share great experience swimming in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar.It's that wonderful open water swim in Spanish;

Nadandolibre Open-Water Entrevista en directo con Jamie Patrick¡¡

Nadandolibre Open-Water What has been what has driven you and your friends have to travel to Spain to conquer the Strait of Gibraltar to swim?

Jamie Patrick The 3 others I swam with Oliver Wilkinson Jen Schumacher and Darren Miller are in the process of completing the Oceans Seven. They asked me to join them. I have always dreamed of swimming the strait and I was extremely honored to be asked.

Nadandolibre Open-Water Yea¡ Swimmers preparing for the seven oceans in the Strait of Gibraltar ... This is great news. We wish them well for their future projects.Congratulations¡¡

Nadandolibre Open-Water How has proved to be the experience of crossing?, You look happy from the beginning¡¡¡

Jamie Patrick Although this swim is relatively short in distance it was one of the most magical and beautiful I have ever done.
Jamie Patrick The country of Spain is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The people treated us very well. Rafael, the director of the Gibraltar Channel Association is very accommodating and great person

Nadandolibre Open-Water Could see large fish, or pilot whales during the crossing?

Jamie Patrick We did not see and sea life on our crossing but the group that swam the next day saw many dolphins and some very large pilot whales. However I did see a small non aggressive shark a few days later while we were doing a training swim

Nadandolibre Open-Water How many days had to wait in Tarifa, to swim in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar?

Jamie Patrick We arrived on a Sunday and swam on Wednesday. It was a perfect amount of time to adjust to the time change. The conditions were perfect. The water temperature was around 59 degree F

Nadandolibre Open-Water Do you have more projects to swim in Spain?

Jamie Patrick I do not at this time, but would love to come back soon. Some day I would like to swim from Ibiza to Spain 88K

Nadandolibre Open-Water What was the total time the group at the crossroads?

Jamie Patrick ‎3 Hrs 44 min

Nadandolibre Open-Water Good¡¡¡

Nadandolibre Open-Water My last question Jaime .. Why do you advise main reason swimmers from around the globe to rolling in the Strait of Gibtraltar?

Jamie Patrick It was a great swim. We did not push it. Our goal was to swim together and have fun not go as fast as we could

Jamie Patrick Swimming with such amazing and accomplished marathon swimmers was truly incredible. Each one of them I have looked up to and admired for sometime.

Nadandolibre Open-Water Thank you very much for your time Jamie Patrick has been a real pleasure to talk with you in this space Nadandolibre dedicated to the open waters. My best wishes to you. A big hug from Spain and hope to see you soon swimming from the island of Ibiza to our shores Spanish¡¡¡

Jamie Patrick I have swam all over the world. From Tahiti to the South America. The Strait of Gibraltar is an ideal location to do an open water swim. Its beauty and challenge are ideal for all types of swimmers. I will return one day to swim the Strait again.

Nadandolibre Open-Water See you friend .. be lovely to see you here.
Good luck and see you soon.

Jamie Patrick Hugs to all.


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